Brad Wolbaum

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Using the knowledge gained in attaining a degree in Business Administration from the University of Regina, Brad has worked for over seventeen years, helping administer and manage local businesses and non-profit organizations. He has applied himself to supporting local business success, with a determination that originates from an internal belief in the importance of nurturing community.

Having an artistic streak and a deep love of the arts, Brad is appreciative of his opportunities to support local Arts organizations and events. He has been a Director of FadaDance Troupe since 2009 and is pleased to be able to provide oversight to the organization’s growth, as they work to implement their vision and create beautiful and impressive dance art. He sees importance in being able to use his business skills in support of the implementation of artistic vision – something that is not always compatible with the rigors and structure of the business environment.

Aside from work, Brad is grateful for a fulfilling personal life. He fire dances, DJ’s at the occasional event, plays a variety of sports and loves making music and dancing. His favourite activity is simply spending time with his wife and daughter.

Katie B