Orion Paradis

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Orion Paradis is a Saskatchewan based music producer who works out of his SoulSound recording studio - As a producer / engineer, Orion is very active in Saskatchewan’s local community of bands, recording with acts such as Megan Nash, The Dead South, The Library Voices, Ava Wild, Etienne Fletcher, Wolf Willow, Belle Plaine, Kacy & Clayton, Brodie Mohninger, The Extroverts, Beach Body & The Wonts. For many of these projects, SoulSound has acted as a hub of inter-band collaboration, helping to develop a sound & scene unique to Saskatchewan.

The common thread when working with these diverse artists is an intentional process - to begin with an authentic tone and work up from there – from remaining starkly honest, all the way through to highly produced, as needed to maximize the musical impact.

Katie B