Heather Cameron


Heather devotes her life to dancing, teaching and choreographing contemporary dance. In 2005 she completed, with distinction, a Bachelor Degree in Contemporary Dance at Concordia University, Montreal. Upon graduation she traveled to Germany to present her quirky and theatrical one-woman show, Boney Bones, at Arena, an international festival of dance and theatre.

A prairie gal at heart, Heather returned to the plains to join the revolution know as FadaDance. Since 2006 she has focused on developing the creativity and technique of both male and female dancers from the ages of 4 to 40, and, of course, creating with the professional company, The FadaDance Troupe.

The few rare moments when Heather isn't involved in some sort of FadaDance mischief, you can find her teaching at the Globe Theatre School or working on independent projects. In 2016 she created and performed her solo, Waiting for the Bus, as part of the 2016 Prairie Dance Circuit. She has a constant hankering to collaborate with multidisciplinary artists. Her most recent cross-discipline collaboration, Honey on Wallpaper, was performed in 2011 at Regina's Globe Theatre in collaboration with Shaunna Dunn (Visual Artist) and Jeff Mortin (Sound Artist).

Her lifestyle is such that "living life" and "creating art" are inseparable and indistinguishable activities. She believes that her roll of as an artist is akin to that of an explorer: they exist to venture, play, provoke, illuminate and inspire.

Katie B