Alice Gabriel


Starting in Ballet I began dancing at the age of 3 in small town roots. I attended numerous summer schools for dance, notably the Royal Winnipeg Ballet Summer School and The Yorkshire Ballet School in England. From there I began to explore modern dance, which became my biggest love. I attended the Youth Ballet for my senior years, and then enrolled in the Contemporary Dance Program at Grant MacEwan.

Becoming fascinated with the human body, I continued my studies in massage therapy to further educate myself on how the body moves, what it needs to stay healthy and have it's best performance, and how to prevent and help in the healing process with dance related injuries.

I feel in love with Middle Eastern Dance, joining the tribal style dance group Beduins of the Red Tent. I performed with this group at numerous shows and events. I began teaching others this style, sharing with them the true meaning of Belly Dance and how the fluidity of the body can move and take shape in another form of beautiful expression.

I also work as a Primary Paramedic here in Regina at Regina EMS.

My love of dance has followed me all over the world and the many places I have moved to due to my husbands work. Dance has been one of the most pivotal and influential parts of my life. It's my dream to continue to expose others to enjoyment of dance at any level and any age!

Katie B