Belle Brown-McEwen

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Belle began dancing with FadaDance in 2007. As a member of the FadaDance Youth Company, Belle traveled to Taiwan (2012) and Denmark (2015) to take part in the Dance and the Child International Conference. She has since transitioned into the role of choreographer, with work featured in Instinctive (2013), Moon Age Daydream (2014), Get on the Bus! (2016), Lo-Fi, Hi-Fi (2017), and T-E-X-T (2018). In Spring of 2016, Belle had the opportunity to work under the direction of Johanna Bundon and Bee Pallomina in the Blanket Folding Project which was showcased in the Stream of Dance Festival: New Works Regina. Her goal as an emerging artist is to inspire and provoke young and old through collaboration, movement, improvisation, and theatre.

Under the mentorship of Meredith LaRocque, Belle began teaching the youngest FadaDancers in 2013. Since then she has gone on to teach a variety of ages and classes at Fada and around the city. Most notably, Belle teaches at the Globe Theatre School as a movement sessional and lead theatre instructor. She is grateful for the wealth of experience and mentorship she has gained thus far.

In 2016, Belle became FadaDance's Administrative Assistant: a role that allows her to support the growing Fada community and apply her knowledge gained from the Hill School of Business. Her favourite time of the week is definitely Business Time.

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