Kathryn Ricketts

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Kathryn has been working for the past 40 years in the field of dance, theatre and visual arts.

Although dance focused, her training base has been interdisciplinary and collaborative. Her work has toured throughout South America, Egypt, Europe, Australia and Canada. Having worked as set, costume designer, dancer and choreographer, Kathryn then ran her own company (ricketts dance co) in Copenhagen Denmark for the 10 years. She has also run a three-year Accredited Dance Conservatory called The Bridging Program in Vancouver for 10 years.

With her PhD in Arts Education, Kathryn has been integrating her dance practice in both studio and University settings and continues to teach technique, composition, improvisation and dance curriculum in various studios across Canada and in her current position as chair of the dance area in Arts Education at the University of Regina. Her teaching ranges from young children to elderly and finding individual and empowered voice is always at the centre of everything she does.

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