Matisse Campbell Buteau

Matisse began her dance journey at a young age of four, enrolling in a competitive Scottish dance program. Upon discovering competition was not the best suit for her gentle spirit, she turned to creative dance. Matisse began taking dance classes at FadaDance in 2005 and in 2013 she joined the FadaDance Youth Company and travelled to Copenhagen, Denmark in 2015 for Dance and the Child International. FadaDance has been a huge part of Matisse’s childhood and now early adulthood, it is her second home. After four years as a teacher assistant, Matisse is thrilled to be teaching her very own classes.

As well as living part-time in the FadaDance studios, she is a member of the Regina Rogues Women’s rugby team and a student heading into her second year at the University of Regina in Health Studies. Matisse also has a strong passion for integration within our Regina community; she took part in FadaDance’s integrated dance class and has been an active Best Buddies member in both high school and university. She believes in equal opportunities for everyone and that any person, no matter the ability, has the right to express themselves freely.

Matisse is passionate about dance, her studies and the many communities she is so lucky to be a part of. She is truly overjoyed to begin working with the young students at FadaDance and can not wait to share her passion for movement.

Misty Wensel