What is the right FadaDance class for my child or me?

FadaDance classes are organized by age. For our young dancers, the class for your child is based on what age your child will be at the end of October of the current dance year.

For adults interested in dance, the classes are organized by skill level: Adult 1 and 3. There is also an Adult Technique class.


WEE FOLK Sessional Dance classes (2-4 year olds)

Wee Folk sessions are 6 week long sessions which are specially created for the tiniest dancers.
Classes are teacher-guided and filled with child-inspired imaginary play with a focus on physical exploration.
Wee-Folk sessions are NOT full-year classes like most other FadaDance classes.  
Each class session is six weeks long.
One session is offered in fall 2018 and one in spring 2019.

The ages are as follows:
Wee Folk:  2 & 3 year olds (Accompanied by a parent / caregiver)
"It is a happy talent to know how to play." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

This 6 week session is a teacher-guided, child-inspired imaginary play with a focus on physical exploration. Using seasonal songs, stories, rhythm and rhyme, the session is a gentle reminder about the pleasure of creative play.

3 & 4 year olds (Able to attend class without parent / caregiver)
"Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning." - Mr. Rogers

This 6 week session is a teacher-guided, child-inspired imaginary play with a focus on physical exploration. Using seasonal songs, storytelling, rhythm and rhyme, the session is a gentle transition for those still learning how to navigate in a bigger creative world.


CREATIVE DANCE (3-7 year olds)

Young movers begin to discover dance within themselves through exploration of their natural movement.
In these creative dance classes tailored for children, dancers will become aware of basic dance concepts including levels, pathways, directions, tempo, rhythm, shape, balance, and dynamics. The dancers will build movement vocabulary whilst developing an understanding of body alignment and awareness. Various dance styles are explored in the context of stories, composition, rhythm, music, and art.

FadaDance’s creative dance program is designed for young dancers 3-7 years in age.  Our dance year begins in mid-September and runs until the end of May.
Our 3 and 4 year old classes run until approximately the end of April.

Creative Dance for 3 & 4 year olds

Children develop skills of body awareness, locomotor movement, cooperating with others, and following directions. The material is presented in a fun-filled constructive atmosphere.

These classes will begin in Mid-September and run until the end of April.  The class culminates in a dance share where young dancers and parents will take part in a collaborative dance experience and dancers will share some of their work with a small audience.

Dance 3, Dance 3B, Dance 4 and Dance 4B will NOT be in the year- end show.

(Please note that children must be toilet trained to enter these classes.)

DANCE 5, 5B, 6, 6B, 7, 7B, & 7C
Young dancers continue to discover, experiment and solve movement problems while deepening an understanding of themselves as dancers. Children will explore creating dances and combining movements. These classes develop basic dance concepts and increase skills through autonomous and collective dance.

The “levels” of these creative dance classes correspond with a dancer’s age.
For example: Dance 5 & Dance 5B are for 5 year olds. Dancers must be the correct age by October 31st of each year to be eligible for the class.

Youth Tech.jpg


Contemporary dance is an art form reflective of today's ever changing world. The creation process in these classes draws on modern dance techniques as well as an array of endlessly developing philosophies of movement based on the study of human body/mind relationships.

These classes are designed for dancers 8 years old and up. Students are challenged in their own dance creation by expanding their repertoire through learning compositions and choreography. The element of improvisation is used as a tool in creating new, innovative, student driven dance and is key to the dancer's development and learning. The element of technique is essential to refining dancers’ evolving mechanical abilities and encourages them to new physical heights.

These classes offer an environment conducive to young dancers who identify with a more masculine  way of moving. High in energy and delving into a robust and rugged style of working, dancers will explore improvisation and choreography which will provide adventurous experiences in dance. Though this series of classes was originally geared towards boys specifically,  we encourage any dancers who identify as masculine to participate.


Youth Technique classes emphasize strength, flexibility, coordination, good posture, muscle toning, & musicality. Barre, floor barre, center work, and movement combinations are used to develop a strong foundation in contemporary dance technique. The class incorporates various approaches to dance conditioning to improve strength, flexibility, and alignment.

Classes are offered in a relaxed and supportive learning environment, nurturing a personal sense of well-being.

  • For ages 8-10 Technique is strongly advised and completely encouraged.

  • For ages 11 and older Technique is mandatory in addition to a dancers’ contemporary class (unless you have permission from the teacher or AD of school).

Current students are informed of their level of Technique class to take.  For new students, please contact Misty at or Heather to discuss what level of Technique class is appropriate for your child.




A class for students transitioning from Youth Contemporary to Adult classes and other young adults interested in dance. Focus is placed on fine-tuning dance technique, exploration of quality and style of movement and pushing the development of phrasing and combinations. Students are encouraged to contribute to the creative process and must feel comfortable in a performing atmosphere. A strong commitment to attending class regularly is a must.



This class is offered for the adult dancer at a beginner level.  Class explores contemporary dance technique, exploration of movement quality and style, dance improvisation and the development of phrasing and combinations. Students are encouraged to challenge themselves by contributing to the creative process and engaging in performance opportunities.  A strong commitment to attending class regularly is a must.



This is a fast paced class where students are expected to pick up warm-up combinations and complex movement phrases rapidly. Technical strength and experience are a necessity. Dancers will delve into established dance repertoire as well as create new work for performance. Dancers should be passionate in taking their work to the stage. A strong commitment to attending class regularly is a must.



FadaMasc is a contemporary dance sessional for adults who identify with a more masculine way of moving in the world. The class combines strength training, basic contemporary dance technique, improvisation and collaborative choreography. There are 2 sessions, one in the fall and one in the spring, each culminating in a performance. A strong commitment to attending class regularly is a must.



Formerly Adult Tech, Blank Lab is a class which draws from a myriad of physical practices. Every semester is a new bag of exploration. Training has included  everything from sprinting and skipping to weight training and yoga. The conditioning is complimented with contemporary dance phrasing. Students must be prepared for a highly physical class and quick moving repetoire.