Studio A & B are spacious and creative spaces used for movement.


Studio A

Studio A is the larger of the two FadaDance studios and you will know it by it's  original brick facade. Above the door, in Hebrew reads: "House of Truth and Loving Kindness" a remnant of the original occupants of this beautiful heritage building.

Studio A is a warm and inviting space with wooden walls and earthy colours. There is a sprung floor, built-in sound system, a full wall of mirrors, portable bars, dimmable lights, a kitchen space (which includes a kettle, a sink and ample countertops) and a bathroom. 

The studio is shared with SoulSound, a music production studio which operates out of the back half of the building, making for a lively art-making space.


Studio B

Studio B is the smaller, cozier of the 2 studios. Studio B boasts beautiful skylights, two of which open, allowing for the studio to be flooded in natural light. There is a sprung floor, a full wall of mirrors, a built-in sound system and bathroom.


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